Monday, January 15, 2007

pad 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

11 is done. it's for the SG newsletter so i can't post it.
12 is done. it's also for the SG newsletter so i can't post it.
13. Uh...well....didn't do that one. lol...
14. done. just need to scan and then i'll post.
15. yeah. need to get on it.

ever have that 'bad' feeling? you know...that feeling in the pit of your stomach? well i've been having that off and on for a while now. today i found out why. it's something that rears its ugly head even when i try to forget about it. nothing like a call from the dr to bring it all rushing back to the surface. will be okay. it just will.


Admin said...

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Anonymous said...

Some days are just that way you know? Isn't it amazing how you just know when something is coming. Stay strong!
Can't wait to see your pages!

Stephanie said...

Ok didn't mean to post Anonymously...

JenSmack said...

Sweetie - I hope you're okay. let me know if you need to talk.


I hope you feel better. Cannot WAIT to see those LOs. I need some Kim-inspiration.