Thursday, January 25, 2007

it would appear that...

my father is coming to my house tomorrow. briefly. but he's coming just the same. ~deep breath~ he's coming to the airport to pick up his wife so basically he's passing through. i won't tell the boys (because my family...coughMYBROTHER and SIL in PARTICULARcough have a bad habit of saying they will show up (with cousins) and then they don't show. that leaves me with a very upset E (he LOVES his cousins and doesn't get to see them often). so i won't say anything and if the grandpa shows up then E gets a little surprise. won't mean much to alexander. my dad will not hug the boys but will interact for about five min with E. not at all with alexander. hope we can find something to talk about. that's a tough one since i'm not an arson investigator, i don't 'love' trains and i'm not a pilot and therefore obsessed with airplanes.


Stephanie said...

Wow, I hope that he shows up and can at least brighten E's day. even is only for 5 minutes. Good luck!

JenSmack said...

Hmmm... maybe you could talk about the weater? Politics? Religion?

Um, okay - maybe just the weather.

I hope it goes okay for you. At least E will enjoy it and that's what's important.