Monday, January 29, 2007

it's monday. def a monday.

met with E's teacher today after school to talk about his progress report. he's doing well. um....just needs a bit of work in the following directions dept. she says he follows directions well....when HE wants to. she said she has to spend too much time instructing/directing him. heh. join the club girlfriend.

there are several sections at which he meets the standards (for the end of the kindergarten year) and she said by the end of the year he will definitely exceed the standards.

there are a few sections at which he already exceeds the standards (for the end of the kindergarten year). WOOT. i'm happy about that. i was VERY worried i hadn't properly prepared him for school.

i have been working hard with him on his writing. now to work on the 'tude and taking responsibility for his actions. heh again. boys will be boys. he seems to only admit he's done soemthing he's not supposed to when he sees the teacher coming.

did a shitload of laundry today. that's always fun. NOT. i'm not cooking dinner (james called and said he's working late). i'll just fix something quick for the boys and i'll scrounge in the fridge. or eat more yogurt.

and oh yeah..james. i need more granola. i can't stop eating dannon light & fit yogurt (it's 1 point and only 60 calories). i eat that for lunch with some granola. SO yummy. maybe i'll eat an apple too. i always forget how good they taste until i take a bite of one of the kids' apples.

tonight i'm either scrapping or watching the devil wears prada. not sure which it's gonna be yet. i would do both but if it's a movie i haven't seen before i like to just watch it. i might watch desperate housewives on my ipod while i scrap.

oh yeah. did i mention both my kids are sick? yeah. good times. HA.

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Stephanie said...

so was it scrappin' or the devil?