Saturday, January 06, 2007

pad. day 5

i'm in a slump. this is not my fave. love the pic itself, just had a hard time putting this one together. Maybe it's because there's no paint. I scrap in two modes. Paint...where I get messy and dig it. The other mode...well...for me it's like putting a puzzle together. I start picking things out, seeing if they work. If they don't I put something back, try something else until I get something I like. I've been trying to stretch myself. To do things outside my comfort zone. So yeah. I did two LOs without paint. But I'm thinking it's time to bust out that paint again.

And why in the hell do my LOs look so crappy on Blogger? They look fine in photobucket, in SG, on 2 Peas...but on here? It's all fuzzy and that's some weird shit.


Stephanie said...

Rock on girl, rock on!

JenSmack said...

Love that you challenge yourself.

Do you know that you described my scrap technique... that's what it's like for me... a puzzle. Exactly.

You and I are like *this*. :)