Friday, January 26, 2007

good thing i didn't tell E.

my father was a no show. alexander woke up sneezing and has a runny nose. so...being the nice person that i am.....STOP LAUGHING......i emailed my dad and told him zanzie is sick. my dad opted to not take a chance on becoming sick himself.

we're supposed to go sledding tomorrow. not sure if we'll still go if alexander isn't feeling any better. it would be fun. haven't seen kathryn for a couple of weeks. or the girls...ash and would be fun to hang out at the cabin kreuger has. we'll see.

it's left over night. E is doing his homework as i sit here. i'm going to finish up the disc of grey's i have tonight. maybe watch devil wears prada. not sure if it's my kind of flick. do like meryl streep though.

now i'm off to help the zan man. poor little guys just isn't feelin' it today. :(


Stephanie said...

Good thing you didn't. What is it with grandpa's being afraid of a little ole cold? My FIL is the same way.
Hope you get to go have some fun, and that your little guy feels better really soon!

JenSmack said...

Sorry about the little boy... hope he feels better soon.

Did you end up watching Devil? I want to see it but haven't yet... what did you think?