Saturday, January 27, 2007


no sledding for us today. alexander is sick. i was up with him a lot last night. did sign E up for t ball today. he loves it or we wouldn't be doing it again. james will coach and lucky me...well....i'm the team mom. again. it's a serious time commitment. and hard on alexander since he's too young to play and wants to really badly. anyway...we'll figure it out. that's what we do.

okay. feel like posting a LO. and it just happens to be one of me and alexander! it's one i did last weekend. i've scrapped since but the LOs i scrapped are for the SG newsletter and can't be posted yet. the heart idea is something i saw ashley wren do (she didn't use a pipe cleaner she used sequins) but i so dig the pipe cleaner.

kathryn, mike and the girls are coming for dinner. that should be fun! i'm baking brownies just for mike. and special cupcakes for me and kathryn (low-fat). the kids can have whichever thing they want.

now it's time for story, to settle the little zan man down (he coughs so much when he lays down)'s time for his rest.

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JenSmack said...

Oh - this layout... I must lift the pipe cleaner idea - it's sooo good. And that photo? Love love it.