Friday, June 29, 2007

ever feel like you have nothing to contribute?
that's how i feel right now.
like i am invisible.
like no one hears me.
why do i struggle with this so much?
why are my emotions so jumbled up right now?
why do i feel like withdrawing into myself and never coming out?
why do i feel like i am, as the saying goes, a day late and a dollar short? i put effort into something thinking this time i will have something to contribute.....but guess what. the 'usual' doesn't happen and things go in an entirely different direction and i, yet again, have nothing to contribute.
i am in such a foul mood at this very second.

on a separate note....
i am sad for my father-in-law.
sad for my husband.
sad for my mother-in-law.
and i'm tired. tired of worrying.
tired of feeling like i'm just hanging on by a thread.

sometimes you just don't realize how much stress and worry there is in your life and then it crashes around you. i just want some happy times. and to not have to think about the 'next' thing that will happen.
aren't i a cheery person tonight?
um....yeah. that would be a no. lol....

i've been paged. time to ride bikes. seems the neighborhood is out and we're joining the fun.


Rachael said...

Sending you big hugs!!

Lisa said...

Hugs to you aren't invisible to me. Although I may seem invisible lately..bwa!

jenscaleshr said...

I have felt exactly the same way... but there *is* hope and there *is* help.

I talked to my doctor about it & have since felt much better.