Friday, June 08, 2007

it's friday.

day two of E being home for the summer. yeah. day 2? ONLY day 2? yes. he's a little on the difficult side of late. oh joy.

off to take a shower, get E's hair cut (mohawk here we come).
go to the landscaping place for some slate.
go to old navy too.
yeah. which ONE of these things will we get done? because i assure you it will only be one.

supposed to have a girls' night tonight. i have a feeling shelley won't be able to make it and we'll reschedule. bummer. we'll see.

weekend plans? working on the front yard. again. we're getting closer to being done. at least we see some progress. having shelley and jacob over for dinner sunday to celebrate shelley's birthay. that's it. nothing spectacular. but hopefully good.

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Sherine said...

I hope you are celebrating a night out with the girls! That is so good for the soul. I love GNO!

You need to post photos of your yard when it's done.

Have a great weekend!