Monday, June 04, 2007

i wish i had more....

i wish i had more sleep because i am freaking exhuasted.
i wish i had more time to scrap because i'm tired of scrapping only late late at night.
i wish i had a housekeeper because i am sick to freaking death of cleaning my house.
i wish i had more engery because....well.....i'm just tired of being so freaking tired.
i could go on. but i won't because the boys want to go out and ride bikes. in the freaking wind.


Lisa said... need a freakin vacation. And I'm telling ya Delta is ready when you you have a place to hang your hat here in hotlanta

Patrice~ said...

Kimberly, your boys will not blow away. Seriously.
Jump on board Delta and wing it to hang with Lisa! Or grab a V-8.

Rachael said...

You so deserve a vacation!!

Maybe some Calgon?

Pennsylvania is a nice place too!