Saturday, June 09, 2007

dirty jobs.

at 3:30 this morning i hear E literally screaming 'mommy'. he was on the verge of throwing up (which he of course later did) and not in the toilet i might add. mike rowe? you got nothing on a mommy on her hands and knees cleaning up vomit at 4 in the morning. i so did not sign up for that when i decided to have kids. did i? i don't remember that part.

wasn't the last time he would throw up either. he's on bath #10 (i think...who can remember). poor guy is so not feeling well. i just gave him a popsicle....he needs some fluid. that counts. doesn't it? he says he's hungry. had a bit of broth and noodles. then headed to the bathroom. again. i think he's going to stick to the popsicles for a while. i would too.

my day is not going how i planned. funny how that works.

i just hope alexander is not next. can it just pass the rest of us by? please? the boys and i are supposed to be going to my dad's on monday. or are we. time will tell.

we will be having a family nap today. yes. all of us. i just really really really hope no one else will be throwing up today. or tomorrow. she says as her tummy hurts. maybe i won't eat anything for the rest of the day. just in case.

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Sherine said...

I am sorry to hear the little guy is sick. 4am puke is the worst. Especially when you are sleeping heavy.

BTW, I have a secret crush on Mike Rowe (not so secret anymore). I totally have the hots for him. I guess I like dirty guys.