Monday, June 18, 2007

freak out!!!!!!!!!

there's a song.....from a long time's playing in my head. i cannot for the life of me remember who sings it. james something or something james...rick james...yeah. that's it. i think that's it anyway. anyone remember that song?

well...i freaked out today!
1. because my eye freaking hurts like a mo fo. bacterial conjunctivitis sucks. 'nuff said.
2. because my family practitioner's office is f' ed up. i called today to get an appt (i needed antibiotics for my eye). i don't run to the doctor every two seconds. i just don't. i go when i really really need to. and today i did. BUT.....since i haven't been there in three years...well....they didn't have a current chart. so they decided to classify me as a new patient. WTF? i am NOT a new patient. why does this matter you're asking? well....if i was an existing patient (which i am), they could have seen me at 11:10. perfect. right after swimming lessons with the boys i'll head over to the dr. only it didn't work out that way. since i'm now 'a new patient' and i'm freaking pissed....very very they don't have an appointment time for me. an existing patient gets 10 minutes. a new patient requires 20 min. so no appt for me. seriously?
note to self: remember to call dr. ornellas' office when i am NOT sick to schedule an appt. huh?! yeah. that's f' ed up.
3. so i call james....i'm more than a little upset. i'm losing it. happens when i'm over tired....when i've been sick for six thing after the next...i'm freaking driving with one eye closed because it hurts so yeah. i'm a little distraught. poor james. he caught the brunt of it.
4. i get to swimming lessons (which is where i was driving to while talking to james). um......he shows up a few minutes later. lets just say it didn't go well. he was angry at me....wanted me to go to urgent care....i wanted to find out how much more that cost than my regular dr.....some tense moments......well i ended up going to urgent care. all i wanted was some antibiotic drops. now i have 'em.
5. but i feel bad. james took four hours off from work...all because of me....dropped off and picked up my prescription.....told the boys he would take them to lunch (for having to wait in urgent care) we did that....but i really just wanted to go eye freaking hurt....
6. yeah. do i sound like i had a good day? james didn't either. for that i am sorry. i shouldn't have freaked out. it's all good now....but damn. i'm still pissed at my fam practitioner. believe me i am.
7. i've had two doses of antibiotic drops. i can actually remove the cloth from my eye for more than two seconds now. tomorrow i will wake up and it will be much better. i'm sure of it.
8. tomorrow i will leave james alone so he can concentrate on work.

ps: thanks for putting gas in my car yesterday james. that's just what i needed.


Sherine said...

Pink Eye sucks big time. Make sure you wash your pillow cases good. I am sorry you had a bad day. It happens to everyone. YOu need to take care of you!

Lisa said...

Okay. seriously. I am going to open up a big ole can of whoop ass on you. You are not a whiner. Your PCP sucks. I could go on and on...but I will save it for an email.

Take care of yourself. seriously.

Rachael said...

That totally sucks!!!

Sorry your day was cruddy!

Sending you some cyberhugs!

jenscaleshr said...

Oh sweetie - I'm so sorry!!

And no, you're not WHINING at all. This is your blog and this is where you get to do whatever you want to do.

I've felt the same way you do... it's okay. You're okay.