Wednesday, June 06, 2007

5 things i'm grateful for today.

1. two healthy and happy kids. i am thankful for that every single day. there was a time when my OB freaked me out about alexander maybe having downs. and after he was born (he didn't have downs)...but when he was about 9 months old they thought he might have a hole in his heart. he didn't. truly scary times.

2. the big hubby man. yes...james...if you're reading this. you're a pain in the ass but i love you anyway. you lurker.

3. chocolate. 'nuff said.

4. that my car is finally fixed (after two months).

5. my little muffin (alexander) sitting right next to me as i type this. he's cuddling and keeps grabbing my face and giving me THE best kisses. ever. i freaking LOVE his kisses and how sweet he is when he comes to give me lovies. i also love his sweet little voice. so much. yes. i love ethan too but he's not sitting right here with me. ;)


Patrice~ said...

Love your five faves!
Healthy happy kids - Yay!!
Little snuggly kisses are the best!!!

Stephanie said...

Great list!

Cindy said...

love the list! aren't snuggly kisses the best! and chocolate too!

Lisa said...

The only thing better is snuggly kisses from chocolate faced boys! It's a twofer!

Sherine said...

Love your list. Funny that your DH lurks on your blog. I just read mine to my DH! Or should I say, I make him listen. LOL

Rachael said...

Super list!! I had the same scare with Macy and ended up having a darn amnio! YUCK!!

Stacy Cartwright said...

I need the chocolate today please!!