Wednesday, June 06, 2007

yesterday was the day.

ethan graduated from kindergarten. here he is getting his diploma. that's mr. paul (principal) and mrs. armstrong (his teacher).
what's up with the hat you ask? kid won't take it off. keeps the hair out of his eyes. why don't i get his hair cut you ask? see......the kid is stubborn. is refusing a hair cut. who is the mother you ask? and who is the child? hmmm. well...i would be the mother. just not wanting the meltdown of the century. so i waited it out. the good news? he is now ready for a hair cut. this past weekend he asked me if he could get a mohawk. a hawk? sure. just do me one favor. wait until after graduation. and he did. so in the next few days E will be sportin' a new do. the hat may be retired. MAY. we're not sure yet. he's very attached to it. he sleeps with it next to him in his bed. i'm guessing the hawk won't make the final cut. he may just go spikey. we'll see.
why isn't E dressed up and appropriately ready for prancing across the stage you ask? kid wanted to pick out his own clothes. i was torn about that. wanted him dressed up. but i have a thing about parents that dress up their kids and prance them all over the place. so i decided this. the kid has very limited power in his life. so i ultimately decided i was fine with him picking out his own clothes and him just not being dressed up. just not a battle worth fighting. this is E. i wasn't thrilled....but hey. if this is the least offensive choice he makes in his life i'd be ecstatic. i'm sure it won't be. but i'm trying to get used to the times when he will make choices i don't 100% agree with. i want to let him make some of his own choices...whether i like them or not. it's how he will grow. how he will become strong. how he will become who he will be.
today was the last day of school. seriously? am i ready for this? probably not. especially since tomorrow (our first day of no school) my sil asked me to watch her three youngest children. i kow i'm not ready for that. five kids. all day. on the first day of our summer? oy. don't get me wrong. i do love my nephews. i would just rather love them in shorter portions of time. ;) guess we'll be going to the park. not sure what else we'll be doing. guess i'll figure it out tomorrow.


Sherine said...

I think it's great you let him make choices. I think it helps kids learn to make decisions and creates a well rounded human bean!

Rachael said...

I love that he was able to chose what he wanted to! You are a great mom! :)

Congrats to him!!

jenscaleshr said...

I'll bring the margaritas. You must need them. :)

I'm totally with you on picking the battles... clothes are not worth it. You're a smart Mama.