Saturday, June 09, 2007

feeling posty today i guess. either that

or i'm bored. yeah. i'm bored. sick child all day? not fun. house-bound? not fun. didn't even make it outside today. E took...what....10+ baths. only thing that made him feel better. here's to hoping he sleeps tonight and none of the rest of us wake up in the middle of the night puking.

now. on to what's on my mind.

submitting. which i have done NONE of in ages. first of all, how do people freaking find the time? i guess i'm not good at time management. thought i was. but maybe i'm not. i hadn't even looked at calls for at least three months....until today. and i doubt i will submit anything. i will at some point....probably...just not now.

submit and forget. that's what i like to do. it sure would be nice if i submitted and didn't have to forget! if anyone reads this, i am so not looking for 'you're good blah blah blah'. i'm just thinking. inside my head but out loud in type if that makes any sense.

there are so so so many talented and awesome scrappers out there. makes me feel out of my league. not sure what i can do to raise my confidence level. well first of all i guess i would need to be able to scrap something that is not total and complete crap. which is all i can make of late. bad scrapping funk. bad bad bad.

here's the thing. i look at someone elses' pages and think immediately i really like it...or...well...of course i don't like everything. not everything is 'my' taste. but what i'm getting at is i can immediately look and say, 'wow. i really like that.' so. why can't i determine if i like my own pages? i used to be able to. i used to make a page and think...yeah baby! good stuff! now? i look at it and think......hmmmm..... then i put it aside until later when i look at it again and again say hmmmmm. what is wrong with me?!

oh i know. i need a break. well here's the thing. i don't WANT a break. i want to scrap. so what is my issue?! being tired? no objectivity? those things and more? who knows. what i do know is i want to get my scrap on and then either really really love what i've done or really really hate it. either way i just want to have some definite feelings about the pages i create.

here's to hoping i get that back someday. seriously. what is going on with me?!

i'm sure this is long now. and i should pay attention to boy #1 anyway. he's laying on the floor now with his mario. if only mario had the magic power to make him feel better and sleep through the night, huh?! okay. i am truly rambling now. seriously seriously bored today!!!!!!!


Sherine said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. It's hard with little ones that need constant attention. You are a fabulous artist! Don't forget it!

Rachael said...

I agree with Sherine!! You are awesome, girl!!! It'll come back!

Hope the little one is doing better!!

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