Monday, June 11, 2007

rushing to get out the door.

my entire day will be thrown off kilter if these things are not done.

1. fill up my water bottle (which i take out of the freezer). it will be full of ice (half way up). fill it the rest of the way up with water and voila. instant very very cold water. me likey.

2. grab my bag and/or any mail that needs to be dropped off at the mailbox.

3. make the boys go pee pee. no. not potty. it's PEE PEE in this house.

4. make sure both kids actually have shoes on their feet and that alexander's are on the right feet. he's notorious for putting his shoes on the wrong feet.

5. make the dogs go outside through their dog door. don't want them running out while i back out of the garage. don't want to run them over. doh.


Patrice~ said...

Good plan to pee before leaving. But with boys, the bathroom thing is so much easier . . .

Rachael said...

I love how you do your water bottle, I may have to adapt that!

Always gotta go pee pee before leaving! And, it never fails that as soon as we get where we were going, Jack has to go again!

LOL We have the shoe issue too!

Lisa said...

HAHA!!! The shoes on the wrong feet just cracks me up for some reason. And we do that water bottle thingy too...especially in the summer!