Wednesday, April 11, 2007

what kimberly needs

a vacation
to be satisfied. things are good. why am i always searching for.....well....SOMETHING?!
more sleep. the kind where you stay up late, go to bed, don't wake up 8 zillion times during the night and get to sleep in in the morning until you're not tired anymore.....not when two adorable little boys stomping down the stairs.
okay...yeah..i know...not how this blog challenge is supposed to work. okay. here's what i found when i googled my name + needs.

apparently li'l kim needs to shut up. heh.
When she takes a picture, Kimberly needs to know exactly how much light will reach the film. i can always use photography tips.
Sally argues that Kimberly has been living a lie, so the truth may overwhelm her and make her even more insecure. it's like sally really knows me. lol.. am i living in a harlequin romance novel? and no. i have never really read one.
Silly Kimberly needs all five of her riders around her at all times! um...not even going to try and guess what this is about! lol.. but i sure could use five people around. my house needs to be cleaned. laundry needs to be done. this is always breakfast, lunch and dinner to be made. ~sigh~ hey. a girl can dream, right?!


Shandy said...

well apparently, you need a lot lady! LOL this was a great list!

Patrice~ said...

Hey Kimberly - I'd like to come along for the ride, but is six 'riders' too many . . ? ? ?

Rachael said...

Are the riders like your network?

Great list!

Lisa said...


Somebody's gonna be in troubbbble

First for calling you Kim and then for telling you to shut up

I feel a smack down coming!

Lynn said...

Hey lil Kim... you need to shut up!

:) Totally joking.

Too funny!