Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the truth comes out.

i do in fact own a piper arrow. james and i, and my brother and his wife went in together and bought this plane several years ago. not the best pic. this is it during its yearly inspection by our AP (mechanic). i have other much better pics. just don't have any of 'em on the computer and i'm too lazy to go dig through all the pre-digital unorganized pics to get something better. what's my lie you ask? i don't fly it. i have flown it......i went to ground school and was in the process of getting my pilot's license. but i didn't finish. i may at some point, log the required hours, take my check ride and get my license. i may not. james is a pilot. my brother is a pilot. my dad is also a pilot. it's fun. it's the most amazing high when landing a small plane. i think that's the best part. also taking off...what a rush. that moment when you pull're up in the air....that feeling of suspension....

i did climb lovers leap and yes, i am afraid of heights. i'm glad i did it. i was not happy at the really am very afraid of heights.....but looking back i'm really glad i did it. have no pic for this one...again...too lazy to go dig through the pre-digital pics and scan something.

and yeah baby. i most definitely kissed a dolphin! i swam with the dolphins during our last trip to kona (hmm...two years ago this summer). it was something i always wanted to do. it was SO awesome!


Rachael said...

Neat pictures!!

Hey, I got another right!

Shandy said...

cha chang! what incredible things you've done girl!
The plane.. yeah, it impresses me - LOL

JenSmack said...

Wow!! That's AWESOME!