Friday, April 13, 2007

truth...or dare.

i'll take the dare. i'm a risk taker. though this one really isn't all that 'daring'. so no prob! lol.. the best gift i ever got? i have two answers to this one. one time (before kids...ahhh...yes...before kids)....james surprised me with a couple nights at a b & b in mendocino. it was totally spur of the moment (for my birthday). we just got in the car and took off. had an absolutely fabulous weekend. miss the days when we were more carefree. now it's not quite as easy to get in the car and go. too much 'kid' paraphanalia.

the other best gift that comes immediately to mind....when i receive money. sounds greedy, i know. but that way i can buy whatever it is i need at the time. my mom is notorious for giving me money for my birthday (and even sometimes at christmas) tucked away inside of a box. i usually buy scrapping supplies. sometimes i put the money into our account and use it to pay bills. sometimes i don't. sometimes i take us out to eat. just depends on what i'm after at the time.

james usually nails birthday gifts and christmas. so i always look forward to gifts from him. he knows me best. out of every single person in my life. he would never ever buy me a disney movie. thank god for that. i HATE disney movies. he would never buy me cutsie 'animal' things. dude. just because i love animals doesn't mean i want a bunch of cutsie animal crap all over my house! lol....hmmm.....i sound a bit pissed off. :wink: really i'm not.


Patrice~ said...

Cutsie animal crap?
All this time I've thought
it was called 'dust bunnies' . . .
oy, Kimberly - love your
acerbic style!!

Lisa said... the cutsie animal crap and the disney movies. I hear ya sistah!

Stacy Cartwright said...

money is always a good thing you know you will like what ever you buy with it.

Shandy said...

the end of your post made me giggle!
have to agree -- $$ is G.O.O.D.!

Rachael said...

Hmmm, so I guess you are not a Disney Channel addict like me? ;)

Great gifts!

Lynn said...

Cutsie animal crap. Oh my gosh... too funny!