Friday, April 06, 2007

blog challenge #12

my name. hmmm. not very exciting. kimberly dawnay reed. i used to be kimberly dawnay beck. i said to myself, 'when i get married, i want a last name with more than one syllable.' humpf. lol... that didn't happen!

my mom liked the name megan. my dad didn't. they somehow compromised and named me kimberly. my dad made up my middle name. and that's that. see? not very exciting. not wild about 'kimberly' because everyone automatically calls me kim which i absolutely detest. lol.. i'm pretty sure you all know that. :wink: if i could have been named something else? no clue. i can tell you james' best friend scott...his last name is genevish. i did want his last name. lol.. not to marry 'him'...just really like his last name! lol... but hey. what can ya do. i fell for a reed. :wink:


Shandy said...

hey, how could having a made up middle name NOT be exciting!? LOL

too fun! when I married John, I thought my name sounded real harsh with just that one syllable last name - but like you said.. hey, what are you gonna do?

Shandy said...

I just had to come back and say that I STILL think your header is da bomb! LOL

Lisa said...

snort...yes I am WELL aware of your distaste for Kim...heee! and my dad should go for a beer sometime and trade war stories.

And I have to say your header is da bomb and so is the architect of said "bomb"!

Rachael said...

Love that made up middle name!!

I will trade you my last name for yours. Mine is TOO long!! LOL

I went from Rachael Rhoads to Rachael Chamberlain. You should see my signature, I super abbreviated it because Chamberlain is too darn long! LOL

Patrice~ said...

{do you see me saluting? cuz' I am after learning that you are a KIMBERLY!!}
lol - I like your whole name - it fits you just right. And I love your uber-sassy do - swingy!!

Christy said...

You know I am so bad about automatically calling people Kim when they prefer Kimberly *blushing* -- thanks for sharing that part :)