Sunday, April 29, 2007

the weekend.

it was filled with t ball, buying rocks (oh what fun...NOT), more t ball, grocery shopping, dealing with a seriously grouchy and exhausted six year old, oh..and don't forget the yard work. omg i hate yard work. some creatures destroyed our front yard last summer unbeknowst to us. we were so busy kayaking and camping we were never home. but the creatures are causing us much money in repair. lawn? completely destroyed. cranesbill? completely destroyed. james tore down the rock wall and dug down deeper. we took out maybe 8 bushes. some may be able to be saved. probably not. we will see. we're going to lay down the yard fabric, lay 2 inch river rock over it (james is making a river bed) for the ferocious run off we get in the winter. little creatures be forewarned. i am not a violent person. i don't even eat beef. hey. pet a cow...can't eat one. BUT. so watch out you little $%$^!!!! i'm watching for you. don't make me hurt you. go quietly along your way. do not stop in my front yard again. i am now an angry woman who spent the weekend doing yard work. momma's not a happy girl.

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