Thursday, April 26, 2007

lets pretend it's april 20th.

i say this because that was ethan's birthday. a very special day. but. being as busy as i was, i did not have time to post anything special to my son on that day. so finally...i'm doing it today.

i took various pics of him throughout the day. his birthday was on a friday. his first birthday wish? breakfast at starbucks. that's my boy. hard to see because he was a nonstop blur of action but he's eating a cinnamon twist (to go along with his hot cocoa). the breakfasst of birthday boy champions.

after starbucks it was off to raley's. i needed more butter to finish the swiss meringue buttercreme frosting for the cake. the boys LOVE the race car carts at raley's. it's almost worth the higher prices.

after starbucks, raley's and putting gas in my car it was off to school. fridays are my day to volunteer so on this day i brought my camera. i also brought chocolate covered rice krispy treats. dude. it was his birthday. it had to be celebrated. HAD to. lol... he was quite happy.

directly after school it was off to red robin for lunch (second birthday request) with good friend jacob (and my good friend shelley, jacob's mom). james met us there. not the best pic, the glare from the outside was horrible. but hey. it's a pic. the event has been documented.

happen to love this shot of my now six year old. isn't he adorable? he is. and yes. i'm saying so myself. lol...

after red robbin we had a t ball game.

guess who got the game ball. yup. the birthday boy. he was very happy. crappy shot. what can i say. it's hard to manage 14 kids and get a good shot at the same time.

pretend there is a pic of ethan at ashley's party here. yes. i really have one but somehow deleted it and can't get it posted again in the right order. if i add it now it goes to the top and i'm really too lazy to go through and do all this again. so just pretend you see E standing in the middle of a bunch of children at ash's party.

after t ball we had a birthday party to go to. no. not ethan's. his friend ashley. her birthday is two days after E's and it turned out her party was on E's birthday this year. we were there late. like midnight late. the boys were exhausted but had fun. you can see E, holding the pink, yellow and light blue gift for ash. he was in line to give her the gift.

it was a very busy day. poor kid didn't even get to open a present on his birthday. we were that busy. when we got home from ash's party the boys went straight to bed.

ethan's birthday party pics (his party was on the 21st) are still on my cam. yeah. i'll download those soon. i haven't even looked at them yet. and i want to.

i'm pretty sure E had a good day. i know he did the next day. he opened his presents from us that morning. his grammy came later that day and then his actual birthday party. more about that later. the kid was funny. quite the little host.

i have a six year old. holy crap how did that happen.

oh yeah. did i mention i was in labor for 39 hours? 39. yes, it's his day. but it's also our memory. i will treasure april 20 2001 forever. it's such a special day to me. the day ethan was born.

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jenscaleshr said...

I love all the photos - yes, he is totally freakin' cute. When you figure out how you became the Mom to a 6 year old, please tell me. What the heck? Skylar said to me tonight... "Mommy, did you know I'm almost TEN years old." I couldn't even respond to him I was so distraught.

Happy Birthday little man! You are so lucky to have been born to such a wonderful Mommy!