Thursday, April 12, 2007

coming down from the adreneline rush.

that's how i feel. with everything we had going on here....i finally just now feel like i am coming down from the adreneline rush. and i'm tired. so tired. i don't feel like scrapping. i sit. i produce nothing. i end up watching my ipod. i need to jazz things up. just don't have the energy. i should go to bed early. but i never do. it's a never-ending vicious cycle. ~sigh~ and it's about to get crazier. t ball game tomorrow (late one). t ball game on sat. sun i'm trying to hook up with a friend (she needs some TLC). i'm getting ready for E's party. menu planning, deciding what kind of cake (size, etc). whatever i make has to be easily transportable since his party is not at our house but instead at jump man jump. all the food items have to be cold (no way to keep anything hot at jump man jump). food has to be easily transportable too. i think i've got a pretty good menu planned. good stuff for the kids AND the adults. and something i will actually be able to eat. i'll just forego the cake/cupcakes. bummer. lol...

went and bought some things today. trying to get organized. i'm going to do a tall round cake (four layers). E wants chocolate. woot! that's my boy. i'm going to fondant the cake. hope it turns out. i'll also make cupcakes (some white) for the freaks of the world who don't like chocolate. surprised me when i ealized there are actually some people who don't like chocolate. freaks. :wink:

my mom flies in on the day of the party (21st). next friday we have a t ball game then immediately after a birthday party for E's little girlfriend ashley to go to. that day happens to be E's actual birthday (the 20th) then sat is his party. finally found a little something small for E for us to get him (along with the razor scooter). it's gonna be fun to watch him ride his scooter (and i may even ride it too). they're fun. next time i take the boys to the park i'll put alexander's bike in my car and E's scooter and off we'll go. i can sit and hang easily keeping them both in my sights and they can have 'some' freedom!

back to the party...hope i'm planning enough food. got another RSVP today. i'm bummed E's best friend jacob can't come (he has a farm game the night of the party). so to make up for it, shelley, jacob, james, alexander and i are going to take E out to lunch on his actual birthday. so E can have some special time with jacob.

now i should go finish up dinner. the boys are playing outside. they are insane. it's freezing cold. biting cold. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i'm warm inside. wearing my fleece jams. yes. i'm already in my jams. what does that tell you? lol....

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