Sunday, April 29, 2007

here's what i've decided.

i'm tired of sounding like a mom. 'you guys are gonna pick up those >insert whatever it happens to be toys< before you go up to brush your teeth, right?' and i say it in such a 'mom' voice. um....what happened to kimberly. the person who wasn't a mother? the person who didn't use to constantly pick up after her family. the person who had an identity other than 'mom'. don't get me wrong. i love my kids and i love being a mom. but you know what? i need it to not be my entire identity. i need some part of me to be just 'me'. how do i make that happen? it's odd for me to say that. because i have such a ferocious love for my kids. but i have an equally ferocious appetite to still be just 'me'. weird. i must find balance. that's for sure.

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Rachael said...

Hugs! Same here! It's hard!