Friday, April 06, 2007

my new do. (blog chall #12 is below this post)

short. sassy? james would say yes. lol... definitely different. and that can be a good thing. i'm just not sure if it is. yet. lol... it'll take me a few days to adjust.

in other news, FINALLY lost another pound. i'm down a total of 34. but it is so freaking slow now. so frustrating. but i'm sticking with it. i want to lose a minimum of 14 more. doesn't sound like much. but when you're losing one pound every three freaking weeks it sounds like a lifetime!!!


Christy said...

(((((HUGS)))) I can totally understand the frustration with slow weight loss. I've been trying to lose weight and it just takes forever to lose one pound. Congrats on the 34 lost so far -- that is awesome.

JenSmack said...


It looks so CUTE on you! Perfect for your awesome new bod! Way to go girlie!

Stacy Cartwright said...

WOW you look GREAT!! The cut is so you!!

Rachael said...

I totally love it!!! I'm sure you will too in a few days! :) It's hard when you are used to long hair and then boom, it's gone!! You probably feel so much lighter with it gone though, I know I always do!

Wt loss is frustrating, but hey, you are doing awesome!!!

Patrice~ said...

Kimberly, you are
one hot mama.
Just do it, girl.

JupitorMoon said...

You look amazing! Doesn't it feel good to do something for yourself for a change!

Shandy said...

you lovin' your hair yet?!!! I bet you are!!! and i bet everyone around you thinks it's awesome!!!
woot on the next pound loss! I'm proud of your commitment and will power! it's hard to stay focused when the loss slows... no, when it HALTS!! You look FABULOUS!!!

Jenn~ said...

Kimberly, LOVE the hair! and a 34 lbs wt loss is fantastic!! You are lookin' FAB!