Sunday, April 01, 2007

bad bad kimberly!

it's sunday. know how many times we went out to eat this weekend? three. that's a lot!! bad bad bad for my weight loss plan. bad. not even sure i want to get on the scale on wed!!! eeesh. we haven't gone out to eat that much in a long long time. we were feeling lazy. and i needed to go the store but didn't make it yet. we had a weekend full of t ball. opening ceremonies, a game and then practice. and we spent a bit of time down at the hospital with my father in law. he's still there. going on a week now.

ever have that feeling like you're forgetting something? that's how i feel right now. like i'm supposed to be somewhere else doing something else. like i'm supposed to go somewhere tomorrow but i can't remember where. hate that!

the wind was horrible here today. i hate wind. howling wind. hate hate hate it. it's still blowing out there right now. it was miserable at practice today. the kids did well....i'm surprised some of 'em didn't get picked up and literally blown away. hope the wind goes away and it gets a little warmer this week. one thing i'm looking forward to? when summer finally gets here i get to buy some new clothes. that actually fit. everything i own is now too big. all my jeans are held up by belts. when i undo the belt my jeans literally fall off. don't even have to unbutton or unzip them! hey. i'm not complaining. am...but you know. i would rather my pants fall off than be fat. need to remind myself of that next time i'm tempted to go sneak a bite of something i shouldn't have having.

now to get my big buns off my laptop and go and do something. boys are almost done with their bath.

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Rachael said...

We ate out a bunch this weekend too. It's hard not to on the weekends.

Congrats on the weight loss!! Woohoo, you!! :)