Thursday, March 15, 2007

where does the time go?

i blink and two days have gone by. yet they seem like such long days. how does that work anyway?

shandy has taken over the blog challenge at scrapgal ( if i wasn't so lazy i would make that link look better. her question today is 'was there ever a fad i had to be a part of'. i would say in high school that was a big deal to me. but as i've gotten older i just don't care. i'm pretty much a loner. and i pretty much don't care what people think. i'm not anit-social, just do my own thing. sometimes people see that as being too out of the norm. sometimes i think people receive me as being anti-social, but i'm not. shy...yes. ~raises eyebrows and rolls eyes~ i really do just do my own thing. it's better that way.

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JenSmack said...

Yep. I'm so with you. I tend to be more outgoing in smaller groups, but shy in bigger groups... I don't worry too much about what other people think of me. I was so concerned with it when I was younger, but I've learned how much that doesn't matter. It's sad to think there are adults out there who haven't learned that yet.

I like you for you.