Saturday, March 17, 2007

.....crazy talk......

this LO was for my challenge at ScrapGal yesterday.
the challenge was to use gel medium on a LO OR make journaling the focal point of a LO. i did a LO for both but only feel like posting this one. the LO is meant to be simple with mellow colors (love that 7 Gs pp). really wanted the focus to be on the journaling but i do love the semi-muted color the pp gives the page.

the day is not playing out how i imagined it would heh. there's a surprise. today was to be my sleep in day. i'm tired. and it's my own fault. the only time i have to just be, or to create, is late at night when everyone is asleep. so i stay up late every single night. well i can feel myself dragging. more than usual. so james was going to take the boys out this morning. um....didn't quite work out. lol... alexander is not feeling well so he's clinging to me. with a death grip. so james and E are off hunting for rocks. let the back yard landscaping season begin. omg how i hate working in the back yard. so anyway...i was going to go get some groceries. we're out of food. but alexander is being so difficult i don't even think i will venture out of the house!!!

so instead i will post a LO, take a shower and try to get some things done around here i guess. whatever i do i will just try to keep myself busy. need to do that to get through the next few days.

today is my mom's birthday. happy birthday mom. if you weren't on the coast enjoying a quick weekend getaway i would call you. maybe i'll have the boys sing you happy birthday and leave that message for you for when you get back. you need a cell phone.

people say they will be there and help you when you need it but when it comes right down to it, they just don't. you ultimately end up handling things totally on your own. they are busy with their own lives and though their intentions might be good when it comes down to it it just doesn't happen. they think they've volunteered. gave it a galant effort. so it's all good. well i'm not so sure about that.

on one hand if i forget about what is happening life can seem normal. but if i even let myself think even for a second it's almost too much to handle. overload. so now i'm going to get off the computer and go do something. something to keep my mind busy.

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Lynn said...

{{{HUGS}}} Kimberly. I know how you feel. When Caleb is deployed I feel like I'm in constant overload. I won't pretend to understand all that you are going through, but I understand that part. I'm thinking about you!