Monday, March 26, 2007

this is what i need.

more sleep.
chocolate ice cream or a chocolate milk shake. a really good one.
permission (from myself) to eat like i used to. just for a day or two. but that ain't happening.
a break. from the mundane.
for the scale to say i lost weight when i get on on wednesday.
for my kids to quit being grouchy.
for E to get better (he's sick for the umteenth time since startking kindergarten).
for alexander to take a long nap today.
to get over this serious whatever it is. things are good and i just need to get over it.
for my car to be fixed (leaky/low tire and leak in the transmission seal).
for james to be rested. and well.
to feel like scrapping.

blog challenge #8: to use a blog entry and create a LO. no prob. was just thinking about doing that yesterday actually. there is one entry that pretty much sums things up. so. when i start to feel like scrapping again (i will...right?...feel like scrapping again?)...
then i'll do that LO.


Stephanie said...

You will feel like scrapping again. Otherwise we are all doomed. No scrappage here in longer then I care to admit.

JenSmack said...

Yes you WILL feel like scrapping again. I promise.

And when you feel like scrapping again will you remind me how much I need to do it again.