Monday, March 05, 2007

i'm an idiot.

i really am an idiot. i actually thought my mom might offer to help me with something. something i once offered to help her with. well i was wrong. instead i got the 'it's all about me' thing. why is it that everything i talk to her about ends up ultimately being about her, how she's already gone through that and this happend and that happened...and blah fucking blah. should i be surprised? absolutely not. just wishful thinking on my part that it might be different this time. oh well. lesson learned i guess. do not call my mom for support. it ain't gonna happen.

just turned off A Good Year. can you say boring??? omg. seriously. total bummer too. i needed a movie to take my mind away. so much for that. i could scrap. but i feel too tired. i just wanted to zone and forget. to not think. guess i'll go to bed. i do have an early 6:30 am wake up call. every single morning. but hey. i shouldn't complain. james gets up at 5:30. off to bed. hopefully the man turned on my heating pad so my little feet don't freeze. when is summer coming? so i can complain about being hot. you know...never happy....

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Jupitormoon said...

OH! I know! I was so disappointed with that movie. I had to fast forward through the whole thing.
I guess my attention span isn't what it used to be - I can't grasp anything longer than a Nick Jr cartoon.