Monday, March 19, 2007

and now i am home.

i'm pretty sure today has been the longest day of my life. at least in recent history. actually for the past few weeks my days have been full of long days. but today was....almost other worldly. surreal. but now i am home. the boys are tucked in safe. they have their mommy back. grandma is back at home. isn't it strange how one day can feel like a week? or longer? i swear....the day isn't even quite over yet it feels like it happened a lifetime ago.

and so it is done.
the end of indecision.
the decision has been made.
it is the end of indecision and the beginning of living with the consequences, hoping the right choice has been made. because there is no going back.

today has just been the most incredibly difficult day. you can't even imagine.

while you can be a couple with someone, no matter what you are going through you ultimately end up going through it alone. at some point you are separated. come back together after it's done...but for that are alone. one of you here and the other of you there. one experiencing one side and the other the other. each alone. did i mention that today has absolutely been one of the most suckiest horrible days of my life? well it was. and god how i tried to keep it away from the boys. to not let this touch them absolutely any more than it had to.

our lives have been forever changed today. for better? for worse? what more is to come our way? i don't even want to think about it. not today. i just can't.

i have never in my life ever felt so alone as i did today. i am independent. i do not like relying on anyone for anything. well...except for james for technical stuff. but come on. it's technical stuff and i suck at it. but for everything else? i am self-reliant. i've just had to become that. but sometimes i feel like it would be nice to have people there to help support me. i am sure to someone who doesn't really know me this post may seem dramatic. even cryptic. yes something is clearly happening here. and i'm not saying what. i'm just trying to work through all the craziness. to sort it out. it's hard.

ever wonder if you're strong enough for a situation? well if you ask me, there is no way to know until you're actually in a particular situation. you deal with what comes. when it's happening you do what you have to to get through it. you feel so much isolation, loneliness, helplessness, and many more emotions. you struggle to find your way out of the drowning sea of all that is coming at you. and you do. one way or the other you do. you have to.

i should be in bed. i am truly exhausted. i have never felt my body shake like i did today. seriously. and to know that it may not be over. but hoping that for least for now....that it is. so that we have time to regroup before being hit with anything else.

i couldn't wait to get home and just hold my boys. i needed them tonight. and they needed me. they had a rough day too.


JenSmack said...

Sweetie - pie... what's going on? What can I do to help? I'm here, you know... we're both going through our own stuff, but we can still be there for each other... and you've definitely been there for me.

Email me, call me... let's talk. I have strong shoulders.

~*Christina*~ said...

Glad you're home! Let me know if you need anything. You give yourself and all the boys lots of love and kisses from me and my family. I'm here if you need anything!! Wish I could be there with you! :)

Jupitormoon said...

You don't always have to walk alone, even if you think you are, there is always someone there to hold your hand if you need it.