Thursday, March 15, 2007

dude. nice hair.

did this today in about 10 minutes. totally jen harrison inspired. doh. it's bam pop. but i wanted to do something totally out of character for me. this is clean. there is no paint. but i dig it. i actually really like me some bam pop. i should use it more. btw, that's ethan when he was about three and a half. omg he was SO cute. now he's handsome. at five (he'll be six next month) now he looks so grown up. i love this pic. so totally ethan.

i'm trying to get my groove back on. i can't scrap worth a crap lately!! i know it has to do with what's going on here (take a deep breath) but $#%& it's pissing me off!!!! lol....

okay. now on to shandy's challenge (#4). what do i do when i don't think anyone is watching? hmmm. that's a tough one. pick my nose? lol..... actually i look at myself in the mirror. not because i think i'm beautiful. i look at me and try to see myself the way other people see me. sometimes when i look in the mirror i see someone who is sad. sometimes i see someone who is happy. sometimes i see someone who looks old and i say to myself, holy crap! who is that?! sometimes i see someone who is tired. no make that always. and instead of going to bed now i'm going to go watch the holiday. woot. and eat popcorn with nothing on it. i've got snack fever SO bad today. didn't help that i took the boys to krispy kreme this morning. they so needed to get out. i didn't even eat a donut. but boy did i want one! for my movie!


shandy said...

you amaze me with your will power -- KK and NO doughnut! well, it's like I tell myself -- nothing tastes as good as thin feels :)

and totally loved reading your challenge answer :)

Anonymous said...

Love that layout!!!

I like your challenge answer!! I do that too sometimes! LOL

You are so strong!!! :)