Wednesday, March 07, 2007

i've been thinking.

it's when things get crazy that we appreciate the mundane in our lives. life is fleeting. it takes a second......less than a change our lives forever. i am fully aware of this. and i fully appreciate that today was a normal day. no unexpected things happened. there is much to be said for this.

now, given what i just said, i seem to find myself in a sort of funk. yes. again. i can't even scrap. and it sucks ass. i'm just not feelin' it.

one thing i wish for? to stay up as late as i want and to sleep in as late as i want. but that will never happen. that's just not my life right now. i'm just pretty darn tired of feeling like i'm always running out of time. no time to scrap (unless the kids are in bed...unless the things i 'must' do are done). i'm always just fitting things in. makes it hard to be truly free and creative. at least if you ask me. which no one did. but suffer. lol.. it's my blog.

let me just say again how much i do appreciate that nothing bad happened today. i really do. i just wish i could hope for a little bit more than that in my life. some pure joy. some exhileration. some....well...something more. i am not trying to be ungrateful. i appreciate what i have and i appreciate every day that is not filled with fear and worry. i just one day hope to have more than that in any given day.


Sherine said...

It's hard when you have little ones. I remember. No time for yourself. Always doing for someone else. Your time will come my friend. It will. Savor the quiet moments, Savor the chaos.

Leslie Ashe said...

Just remember, you ALWAYS have to take time for YOU. I agree with Sher....savor it all, all of it.

JenSmack said...

It's okay to feel that way.

We sometimes feel like we lose ourselves when we become mothers and wives... it's okay, as long as it's temporary. We have to give so much of ourselves every day... take some time just for you.