Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i need sleep.

two days have passsed. two days. these days have been better than monday.

i have some projects i need to get done. problem is? i don't feel like doing them. i actually do not feel like scrapping. um...that's kind of a problem. so i'm going to sit at my desk tonight. and try to scrap. whatever comes out comes out. sometimes it takes me a page or two to get something i like. especially when i feel like this. which i have been feeling like for oh...i don't know...quite a while now. i just scrap through the crap. get it out. and eventually something strikes me and i can make something work. i did create this art journal page several days ago. i think it's appropriate. the journaling is long but really fits how i'm feeling.

create. not everything must be a masterpiece. the more you create the more your style will evolve, the more ideas you will have. it's okay not to absolutely love everything you make. create from what is within you. experiment...try new things. don't try so hard. let it go. don't stress and it will come to you. if you are struggling it's not right for you. it's all part of the learning and creative process. give yourself permission to let it come out. whatever it is. creativity may seem fleeting but it is always within you. the secret is knowing how to tap into it. play with an idea. if some of it works keep it. get rid of what doesn't. as long as you see something you like keep working it. when you don't, stop. don't force it. it is okay to take a break. long or short. my message is this: BE INSPIRED. create often and freely. be real. be true to yourself. believe in yourself. see the possibilities and then make them happen.

the page is based on a Natasha Wescoat painting and was in response to a challenge at scrapgal.

i can't seem to sleep through the night. or even barely at all for that matter. my sleep is not restful. it is restless. makes for long nights. guess i should go get some pics ready for scrapping. i have none at the moment ready for use.
i guess that would be the first set in getting back into scrapping, eh?

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Jupitormoon said...

oooh! I love it! Very creative.