Wednesday, March 28, 2007

random nothings.

is it possible for my kids to literally drive me insane? i think it is. because they are. what am i going to do all summer when E is out of school? eeeeks. there won't be enough swimming lessons, soccer or other physical activities to keep him from going stir crazy therefore driving me absolutely over the edge! oy.

my father-in-law is in the hospital. no clue when he will get out. they don't even know what is wrong with him. well, they know some of the things (and they are being addressed and treated) but they think there is something underlying going on. that is what has them mystified.

E's first t ball game of the season is saturday. opening ceremonies are at 11:00 and then his game at 3:00. yippy for us. we get to go back twice. lol..

E turns 6 next month. we finally decided what we will do for his birthday. he wants to go to jump man jump. i have reserved (and paid for) the party. my mom flies in the day of the party. i need to plan the menu, figure out what to get him (we already got him a razor scooter) but want to get him something else too, send out the invites (but first E needs to decide whom from his class he wants to invite)......a surprisingly difficult task for a five-almost-six-year-old.

i still have noting creative flowing out of me. and it's seriously pissing me off. wth? well i know the cause...but come on.....things are calming down...why am i not able to reach in and pull out something absolutely fab?? humpf. i should go sit at my desk now. james is playing with the boys and i have about 15 free minutes. but instead, here i sit. lol... dinner cooked. dishes done. laundry folded.....alexander's bed made...he wet the bed last night :( oliver's ear cleaned...poor dog has yet another ear infection....alexander's clothes all clean and put away...dogs fed....maybe i should watch a movie tonight. try to quit forcing the creativity. it will return. at some point....


Joe Viljoen said...

Hey Kim............Life has just started for you. Be happy!!!

JenSmack said...

Yesss... it will all come back. Just try and relax your mind. (I know that's hard to do..) You'll be okay. ((hugs))