Friday, March 23, 2007

i've got just the thing to cheer you up.

yes. this is my wedding. i love the dress. EXCEPT the big poofy shoulders. omg....what was i? a football player??? sheesh! lol..

i dated this guy who was in the coast guard. right before he left for bootcamp he took these 'sexy' pics of me to take with him. HAAAAAAAA! omg...the hair....the make up...the pink...i used to wear, get this...nothing but pink!!!

check me out yo! it's not so much the cheerleader outfit (yes i was in fact a cheerleader)'s more the hair. can you see the side pony??? eeeeeeew!!

do you just love my peach colored dress??? GAG. actually all these pics together (dontcha just dig my hair)? can you say perm???? obviously i could. and yo. that is the dress my mom made me wear the second time she got married. yeah. thanks for that mom.


Celeste said...

LOL too funny

boy those poufy sleeves are insane!

~*Christina*~ said...

Hee hee I love those old pics Kimberly! HEE HEE! I remember some of these, hahah the wedding dress one and the cheerleader one too!!! Awwwww I love seeing you all young and in side ponytails, hahaha!!! I think you look gorgeous in all of them!! :)

shandy said...

oh girl! thanks for the chuckle... ok, who am I kidding -- thanks for the LAUGH!!!! these are awesome! I *especially* love the one in the peach dress for your moms wedding... um.. I think I had the same dress - LOL!

Sherine said...

Okay, I dig your hair. And if anyone else makes fun of it I am coming after them! LOL I think you are adorable!

JenSmack said...

Wowza! Those photos are AWESOME! (in that - OMG I have photos exactly like that - kind of way)

You did forget to post a few pictures...

Where are the leg warmers and flourescent colored clothes?!

(oh - that would be ME)