Friday, March 30, 2007

i should be scrapping!

blog challenge #10: tell you about something i collect. honestly? i can think of only one thing i collect. christmas ornaments. whenever we travel we always seem to find a christmas store (and it's never christmas time). so we started buying an ornament from each place we travel to. i love christmas. and i love going into christmas stores. which is just odd because i hate to shop. it's kind of fun at chrismtas because when we decorate the tree we get to reminisce about our trips...what we did...where we were....what our lives were like at that time...this post would be much better with a pic or two but i don't have any pics of those specific ornaments (just our christmas trees in general). so instead i'll make you suffer through some random pics i came across tonight while i was looking for something else.

love me a b & w pic. this is alexander the last time we were in mendo (feb 2007). it blows me away because below i posted three pics of him when he was only three months old! seriously mind-tripping how much he has changed and how fast he is growing up.

one of my fave pics of james and E. E is almost 3 here. first time we took him ice skating.


Stephanie said...

Great pics! Have you ever been to the Christmas store at Lincoln city? Too cute!

Shandy said...

first of all -- rockin' header girl!!! me likey! LOL

second -- L.O.V.E. Christmas too! that's so cool to have a memory to hang on the tree each year of places you've been too -- I love that idea!

third -- what adorable little baby pics! awwww... so cute and they grow so fast! that pic you captured in Feb, though was gorgeous!

JenSmack said...

Your new banner is AWESOME!!! Love that it's all YOU!

I love C'mas too! And ornaments and lights and cookies... and ornaments.

Rachael said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE those pictures!!!