Tuesday, March 31, 2009

without these things my life would be shit.

lol...okay, the title of my post totally makes me laugh out loud! i do not take myself seriously. you shouldn't either. if you can't use a fucking bad word now and then (or, in my case..often...ha)....well...fuck. get over it!
now....on with it! without these things/people my life would be shit (so giggling right now)....
jan. 'nuff said. okay, well, no. not really. not enough said. she rocks my fucking world. she is the most amazing person (right there along with james) that i have ever met. EVER. we spent some time together today. and it was good.
dan. my boys love him. he is good with them. i can never...EVER...thank him enough. rachael. she gives up her parents. for my boys. she is an amazing young woman.
tara whitney. she is genuine. real. amazing. she makes me smile. i am going back to her house to stay with her again. yes. i am.
cathy zielske's blog post about spices. are ya fucking kidding me? i laughed SO hard. scroll down to march 23rd. make sure you read the entire thing. come on. dick weed? holy crap. i love that so much. i about peed my pants. i am so glad i can laugh. through these last crappy 5 months...i can still laugh.
music. i still can't get enough.
being able to take a deep breath. i know i've mentioned this before. until you can't do it, you really don't miss it. but then you do.
being in the zone. painting.....and not thinking. so effing good.
now i'm of to watch slumdog.
and then hopefully (please please please) some sleep.


Marieke said...

What an awesome post. One that made me think. I should think about and write down the things that make ME happy too. Do I even know what they are? Thanks K!

Patrice~ said...

dick weed???????

Mama Marks said...

i am with you on the deep breath, feels so good when you haven't been able to. thinking of you xxx

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm i feel hugged.
pictures from your trip coming soon-of you.

Lisa said...

That Herb post?

cracked. me. up.

seriously I laughed so hard I felt ill

and then I laughed some more for the hell of it...OMG she is a hoot!