Monday, March 02, 2009

roadtrip to santa cruz.

needed to get out of town for the weekend so i loaded the boys and some crap into the car and we drove to santa cruz. i love the look on alexander's face.
we went to the beach both days. sunday it rained. but we didn't care. it was coming down. it wasn't my intention to hang out long (since it was raining)...but the boys were diggin' it. alexander took off his pants and shirt (i love the freedom) it was awesome.

i enjoyed the rain. watching the boys. and just being at the beach.
on saturday we hung out at the boardwalk. and if you go to a boardwalk, or a pier you must eat a pretzel. that's just a given.

ethan at the boardwalk.

we did a little walking around. no. wait. the boys RAN. i walked. love the photo. it so captures them.
E asked me if he could take some photos with my 'big' cam. i took a chance and gave it to him. SO glad he didn't drop it. so this photo was taken by E.
i so think of tara when i see this. the blue wall? come on. love this photo of the boys.

as i always do, i took a random shot. this is of course the boardwalk.

it was raining. and they didn't care. and neither did i. wearing his shoes, and everythig else...into the water E went. up to his frickin' waste. he was soaked. and it was awesome. alexander seems to be my little exhibitionist. hmm. wonder where he gets that from.
and of course what's any roadtrip without a photo taken while driving. that just really helps capture the trip for me.

hookin' up with dona on sunday was the icing on the cake. dona has the most amazing laugh and smile. it was delightful.


clare b said...

Am so glad you got to meet he amazing Dona. I sooo know what you mean about her laugh. It is totally addictive.. and I miss it :( Your weekend sounds fantastic. Lots of fun.

~Amie~ said...

awesome Kimberly! I seriously love your photographs

Misty said...

I love them all! The boys are so big, so grown up. That blue wall is amazing. Frame-worthy for sure. And you! Twirling, so free, just like the boys. And the spunky attitude shot. Ethan is quite the little photog! He did good. Where are the pics of you in your panties jumping waves? :P

Lisa said...

You are a great mom
Your are raising your boys with a sense of freedom and adventure.
It makes my heart happy.

Violet said...

Oh! That's my homebase! I was born in Santa Cruz and that place just feels so much like a second home to me. I'm really glad you guys enjoyed your trip. Hopefully you were able to find some parking that wasn't in that horrid $10 lot! It's insane!

Next time you'll have to go down to warf and get a steamy bowl of clam chowder for you and the boys.

If the boys are into scary movies(and it's approved by you), watch the Lost Boys before you head out there next time (on second thought, that movie might be a bit too scary for them). It was filmed right in Santa Cruz and has lots of scenes of the Boardwalk!

I hope you guys found some neat things on the beach! You should take them up to Natural Bridges sometime, too, for the tide pools and butterflys (may be too late in the year for that one). :D
Here's a link:

So glad you guys enjoyed yourselves and were brave enough to splash in that freezing cold water!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

How I also love Santa Cruz! We are heading there this summer. My bro and sis-in-law live there and are totally into enjoying the outdoors! My son is excited about being at the beach, exploring the surroundings and being connected to the ocean.

How fantastic to pack them in the car and go. It sounds healthy, invigorating and good for your soul! Love the idea of the pics by Ethan- that YOU are in the pictures -showing joy and living the moment! Yah!

You have inspired me to aim at the coast one of the next weekends!

Rock on....


Shandy said...

wow! your boys are so blessed to have you! They look so carefree and having a blast being soaked from rain and water!
love all the photos and glad you guys had a good little mini vacation :)

Rachael said...

I love how you just pick up and go!! That is so fabulous!!

And, speakin' of fabulous, the pictures!! Wow!!!

Anonymous said...

aaaagh i love these pics! and you got to be with dona - YAY!! i want to hear more more more. are you coming here next weekend? so hoping you ARE...

Mama Marks said...

hi lovey, so glad you got to go away & also meet up with the awesome dona, l.o.v.e. her :-)
hope you're doing ok, loadsa love xx