Sunday, March 29, 2009

things that make me happy.

watching the sun set on the beach.
pomegranate martinis.
the smell of the ocean.
being able to take a deep breath.
being wrapped up in a blanket on the beach.
hot hot hot coffee.
music. its ability to make me feel something.
been listening to audioslave.
something to look forward to.
not letting that something become all-consuming.
being open to life....trying new things....
learning new things about myself. and being down with whatever it is i have learned.


Patrice~ said...

mmmm, you do have a way with words.
'something to look forward to'.

I think I get that.

jensmack said...

I need a pomegranite (however you spell it) martini.

I love how you write - you and I are similar in our love of the cussing.