Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i love a good black and white photo.

i have a thing for lighthouses. always have. i love it when they have their original shit. i seem to like old buildings. old houses. i love what a lighthouse represents. and all that goes with it.
i have such eclectic taste in music. been lisening to the beastie boys (the mix up). i dig it.
last night E woke up. had a nightmare. so i was up with him for quite a while. hope he sleeps through tonight. the poor kid is exhausted.
music is loud. and non-stop.
diggin' my new phone. and the fact that i fucking got the SIM card out of my old phone and into my new phone all by myself. fuck you at&t. i'm just sayin'.
going to beat the living shit out of my sewing machine tomorrow if it gives me ANY problems. holy crap.
need to paint. and not my mother fucking bedroom. some art. but it's not happening. so totally not feelin' it. fucking-a. and i'm totally laughing. could this post have any more bad language in it?! ha!!!!!!!!!
i can out-wait, out-last and maintain as long as i need to. and that's what i'm doin'.


Patrice~ said...

your language is so free and matter of fact.
hit it girlfriend.

reallly really like the bw photos.
peaceful and serene.

you the woman.

ingrid said...

my dear kimberly,

it's been a while since i came to read your blog and check up on how you're doing..
i'm so happy to see that you're still breathing, pushing through and past each day with such strength.. sharing your love and your life with your boys. i'm so proud of you.

your paintings are beautiful.
much love,

Lisa said...

Yo chicka
I see you have been busy while I've been gone.
Bad ass
Is that another way of saying
DA Sass
That's what I think
You are finding your feet and your voice
And that's a damn good thing!

Rachael said...

What a beautiful picture!!! I love lighthouses too!

Love ya!