Sunday, March 22, 2009

stream of consciousness.

jacked this photo from michelle.
it's a trip to see a photo taken by someone else.
the last three days....too many conflicting emotions at once.
holy crap.
having more trouble sleeping than normal. MORE trouble sleeping? are ya fucking kidding me?!
i want to be consumed.
by something. with something. by someone.
so that i forget everything else. and just be in THAT moment.
the urge...
whatever you want to call it is so strong.
still want to do things i shouldn't do. the part of me that never goes away.
feeling uneasy. pissed off. sad. hopeful.
drinking pomegranate martinis.
hoping i can get some fucking sleep tonight. i so need it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly. somehow or another I ended up on your blog. you have a very interesting life. its more like a journey and you seem to be stuck in a place right now. kudos to being very available for your boys and down on their level. they will grow and find their own way; even if they stumble. you will too. have you thought about church? God is always a good thing. especially for lonliness & confusion. and there are people around that have been there, done that. just consider it. it's pretty fun. for your sleep rememdy; try running. yes, running. as in 5K's, 3.1 miles. start slow, run to the mailbox, it will kill you! then tomorrow, go further until you can do a mile. then sign up for a 5K. it is so much fun & independence. you will love it. the boys can do the 1 mile fun runs. and you only 'race' yourself and the clock. it's great for mental therapy. you will be so tired, you will sleep. hang in there. you're getting better.