Tuesday, March 10, 2009

things i am addicted to.

photo E took. more santa cruz pics. i took a freakin' lot of 'em.
bad ass coffee? i dig it.

santa cruz had a nice feel. i liked it.


so cute. how could i not take his photo.

a couple more photos E took.

love E in the foreground and alexander in the background.
things i am addicted to:
taking photos. duh.
chocolate. 70% cocoa. i am all over it.
soda...coke...my weakess. well...one of 'em, anyway.
my desktop.
my laptop.
my cell phone.
text messaging.
instant messaging.
staying up late.
the smell of paint, gesso and canvas.


Violet said...

Things I love:

* Sitting in the sun like a cat.
* Feeling my soul awaken when a really great song comes on.
* My Weleda brand Almond Moisture Cream.
* Soda water, cranberry juice and lime.
* Seeing my dogs jump with joy.
* My best friend. We just fit together... like Mac and Cheese.
* Reading blogs (yours included!)
* Road trips with snacks.

:D I can't wait to see where you three go next!

Patrice~ said...

E is a master photographer, Kimberly. Love his perspective.
Girl, I think about you everyday.
Even with my head right square up my ass, I have you (and the boys) in my heart.
Call me for your next roadtrip.
I'll ride shotgun.