Monday, March 16, 2009

extraordinary people.

there are some people in life that not only touch your life, but change it. people that pick you up when you are down. people that make you see yourself differently. almost the way they see you. these people are extraordinary. tara (and you better believe jeff is in this category), emily....i have no words. i looked at these photos tonight when i got home and started crying. SO happy to have spent the weekend with you. michelle, kari, dona, april......each of you has touched my life. you are all amazing. AMAZING.
there are no words for this. i'm not even going to try.
tara....what you have done for me...shown me....i can NEVER adequately express my gratitude. ever.
michelle, my red bull-loving sassy bad-ass red head, you rock. i love your zest for life.
kari. such a surprise to see you! i totally wasn't expecting you to be there. so glad you were. you are delightful, truly beautiful and amazing. there is an inner peace about you. you are a gentle soul. are amazing. what you have done for me....i can never thank you enough. there just aren't words good enough...big are an amazing person with an amazing soul. your kindness has brought tears to my eyes so many times. you saw that for yourself this weekend.
dona, your smile. your laugh. omg they are THE best. you, my friend, are exceptional.

truly amazing women. each and every one.

i love how all of our shadows surround em in this photo. such an overwhelming weekend. so much emotion. so many laughs. so so wonderful. i thank each and every one of you.


Lynette said...

Sounds like an amazing, well deserved trip for you and all the girls!!! Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time! Hope you get to do it again very soon!!!

clare b said...

Big tears! I so wish I was there to meet you and see all them wonderful gals again. I'm glad you got to spend some time with them.. all such powerful, talented, warm souls.

Lisa said...

I am so very happy for you Kimberly. You look so beautiful and happy and I'm so thankful you had this amazin week-end with these wonderful women.

Misty said...

I saw the light in your eyes upon your return. xoxo

Chad and Amy said...

It is good to see a smile on your face! You desereved every second of this weekend!
I'm sure you all had such a blast. It looks like you all did!
They really are amazing women! And so are you my friend!

Patrice~ said...

oh Kimberly!
what an amazing story you've told!
so very happy you connected and bonded with these fabulous women.
you are just too cute.

Leah said...

how fun is that? so happy for you to have had such a wonderful you mucho.

Bonnie said...

Hi Kimberly. I am so very happy for you and your girl tribe! I am a huge (okay, HUGE) fan of your art and your willingness to speak your truth. In a world filled with vacuous, numbmified (don't know if that's a word and don't care - LOL) responses to what life throws our are an honest and fresh voice that speaks truth. Love you girl, love your art, love your truth...and love you being so very, very appreciated, adored and happy! Bonnie

Marieke said...

You should see the big arse silly grin I have on my face for you now. And damp eyes to boot. Girl I am so very very happy for you that you got to meet with these women. And so freaking happy to see you have fun! Purple tootsies, bwahahaha.

Marieke said...

Just looking at those pics again and holy shit, I spotted 'the bag'!! (in pic of you with Tara and Emily). =D

Rachael said...


Anonymous said...

yummalicious post.
missing you.
i love what misty said "i saw the light in your eyes upon your return"
i saw the light in your eyes too.