Sunday, April 05, 2009

another roadtrip.

the boys and i needed to get away. so we threw some shit into the car and went to san francisco. yes, i know we were just there a couple of months ago. but it doesn't matter. i needed to go back. E took this one of me and alexander. he now asks me every time we go somewhere if he can take some photos. it's cute. and so far so good on the him not dropping my camera thing!
so freaking love this photo. this was as we were walking from our hotel to the pier.

going over the bay bridge.
alexander running around on our way back from the pier.

i don't usually spend much time downtown in SF. but this trip we took a walk around....looked at things. it was nice. i have many many more photos. i'll probably post more. later.
i had a crazy week last week. this weekend, i unplugged. focused on the boys. spent some quiet time. E is having a very hard time right now. i have been talking to his grief conselor. who may now become my grief counselor (or one of his associates)....yes. i am considering one-on-one grief counseling for all three of us. still deciding. one thing i do know? i need to do everything i can for E. and if me being in counseling with him, or alone will help him in any way....then that is what i need to do.


misty said...

Momma was a rollin' stone.....

Looks like a wonderful weekend.

E's gonna make it through this. You too. <3

Cari K. said...

Looks like a fun getaway! HUGS!

Marieke said...

Kudos to you Kimberly. I truly do not know how you do it. You are my hero. You seriously are.
I'm sorry to hear about E. Just know he'll get through it.
Keep peddling girl.