Wednesday, February 18, 2009

new music.

i spend far too much time thinking.
not even loud music can make it stop.
i am so over winter.
sick of freezing my ass off.
diggin' my new shoes. converse slip-ons and cheap-ass old navy flip flops. that is all i need.
been lookin' for new music. found willy porter. angry words is a good song.

and matt nathanson. matt nathanson is like a badass jack johnson. you know i am all over that. full of feeling. good lyrics. acoustic guitar. does it get any better? click on matt radio at the top of the link to check out a song.
sometimes i wonder what would happen if i did all the fucking things i want to do.
instead of constantly struggling with what i should do and what i want to do.
i struggle with being a mom. there is this other part of me. this other part of me.....that's what gets me into trouble. and i don't care.
always looking out for the boys. always. they are bigger than me.
sometimes that other part of me is so strong. i want to do things. so i do.
i have no measure of what is right and wrong for me now. because things are so different.
james was so good for me.
he kept me level. straight.
i know i have said this before but he brought out the good in me. made my inclination for bad fade away.
now i am supposed to keep myself level. and straight. and i'm not so good at that.


Patrice~ said...

hey Kimberly.
I think you're on the level.
and one straight-up kind of woman.

I'm thinking you brought out
all kinds of good in James, too.

Hope your ass is feeling warmer.

Misty said...

Love the chucks. Are they considered chucks? I never really know....I call them all chucks.

James probably did bring out the best in you. But it is still there. We see it shining. You don't. You will.

Thomas said...
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Marieke said...

Digging the shoes. I want some.
Thinking you're a pretty level headed person myself too. You're just trying to regain your balance, that's all.

Marieke said...

Just in case you're wondering the deleted post above my name was me. I didn't realise I was logged in under T's name.