Monday, February 09, 2009

some things.

random photo i took. sometimes i do that. drive around looking for things to photograph. things that catch my eye. things i like.
listening to buena vista social club. name of the group and also it's the name of one of my favorite songs they do. they're cuban.
listening to rodrigo y gabriela (live in japan album) dig it. juan loco (a song) is good to listen to while i paint.
contemplating my taxes.
dan and jan are really truly amazing. i've said that before. not sure what i would do without them. not looking forward to finding out (when we move). they blow me away. there just aren't words to describe them.
have two half-finished paintings i'm working on. hope to finish them in the next couple of days.
pulled a muscle in my ass. how does one do that, exactly? not sure really. well.....i know one way but it wasn't that.
ate twice today.
went to bed early last night. well...1am. but that's early for me.
going to bed early tonight.


Patrice~ said...

hey sister.
I have a friend who sounds
alot like Jan.
Good comfort when needed.

And for my famous last words:
Are you staying hydrated?
H2O version, girl!

Misty said...

Good girl. Go to bed early. Dream sweet dreams.

Violet said...

I've pulled my butt muscle many times... a few times the way you didn't pull yours and a few times by stupid movement. If it's cold out and I don't stretch before I move in the morning, things get pulled. Are you sure you didn't do some super fast lunges around your local park at 5am? ;]

I do that driving thing too. I like to see what kind of pictures I can get when I don't even get out of the car -- it forces you to be resourceful and creative.

Can't wait to see your two new paintings!