Thursday, February 19, 2009

things that i think are sexy.

i've been thinking. and don't even try to figure out why my mind goes here. because you never will.
things that i think are sexy.
dudes wtih long hair. not too long. but long enough.
someone who cares about you. and will show it (even though it might be hard). whether it be in small ways...or flat out.
it can be the turn of a face. the angle at which you are looking at someone.
the upturn of lips in a smile. ever so slight...but it's there.
someone who can make you laugh. that is actually very sexy.
someone who will share things with you. even though it's hard. that is remarkable.
it goes so far beyond physical appearance (though that can be and is definitely a part of it).
someone letting you in.
an attraction. it's either there. or it's not.
the gentle tone in which someone speaks to you.
the way someone looks at you.
someone holding your hand.
someone wanting to protect you. to keep you safe. even if you don't think you need it.
putting your arm around someone. because you know they are cold and you want to warm them.
being sure of youreslf. not in every aspect. but in some. and not being afraid to show it.
a million little different things can be sexy.
it can be surprising. the things that draw you to a particular person.
the last couple of days were strange (my dad spending the night, my old boss calling me up out of the blue and offering me a job. another old friend popping up and wanting to talk about james. sharing things he said from back when we first got together).
it was all unsettling.
tonight i am going to bed early. feeling very run down and out of energy.


Rachael said...

I totally agree with you.

Love your paintings on the side of the blog now!! You are one talented chicka!!

Patrice~ said...

'the upturn of lips in a smile'

I really like the way you think, Kimberly.
Methinks the lady doth knoweth about which she speaks . . .

me? I'm diggin' plaid boxer shorts right now . . .

Marieke said...

Mmmmm, yeah I agree. I could probably come up with some of my own too. I never really thought abot it. Time to do some thinking. It's been a long time since my mind has wandered there...

Lisa said...

I love your stream of thought musings
You got a lot of powerful sthings going on inside that head and heart of yours girl

Misty said...

I'm bringing sexy back....

Emily Falconbridge said...

i really love the way you write :)
and i hope you got a nice nights sleep...

Kari said...

I'm with you on Matt--seriously, yummy sexy.

I hope that sleep finds you soon, love.