Tuesday, February 24, 2009

gettin' things done.

painting i finished last night. this photo so does not do it justice. it needs to be viewed from a distance. in the right light.
so fucking restless i cannot stand it.
sold james' truck. it needed to be done. and now it is.
unsolicited advice just keeps rolling in.
i was thinking i would feel some sort of relief, or like i at least got something done, after my meeting with the attorney, about my pour-over will, the trust, guardianship docs, advance directive stuff....but i don't.
ran into tristan today. he was full of emotion. surprisingly so.
i so fucking want to do things that i should not do. it is hard to make that go away. you have no idea. the boys help keep me from being completely stupid. but it never goes away.


Marieke said...

I just want to reach out to you Kimberly. Give you a hug. Or better yet, give you a break.
About the advice. perhaps it is a way of communicating with you for people that don't know what else to do. Or how to help. It is one way they feel they can help. But nobody knows what it's like to be YOU right now. None has walked in your shoes to truly experience what it is like. Your life. I sure don't! Nor do I ever want to know. Hang in there girl, time will pass. It will get better. Eventually. It has to right?

clare b said...

One day at a time... cliche, I know. But am thinking of you, and sending you heaps of love. You are living to the best of your ability - and no-one can ask of you, any more than that. You feel with all your soul, love with all your heart and this is what makes you, you...and why we love you. Take a leaf from Tara - Just Be!

Patrice~ said...

the painting is breathtaking.

I think I understand the restlessness.

oh brother, if spring would only get here, like, right now.

I hold you in my heart every day.

~Amie~ said...

beautiful beautiful painting kimberly!!

Always thinking of you and sending you virtual hugs!!

Carrie K said...

ha! i knew it! as soon as I buy a painting you post ANOTHER one i want!! brat :)

the landscape is stunning...truly!

jensmack said...

I love your paintings.