Monday, February 23, 2009

diet soda sucks.

can't get enough music. still.
painted yesterday. all day. and jammed to tunes. nice.
sometimes i just want to curl up. protect myself from....i don't even know. everything. nothing.
anthony bourdain rocks. i like his outlook on life. he's rough...has definite views...doesn't really give a crap about what people think (or so it seems). i dig that.
met with a lawyer today. started the process for my pour-over will, the trust, guardianship docs, healthcare power of attorney, financial power of attorney, advance directive docs, affidavit of death (to get the house in my name only). i think that's it. holy crap there is a lot of shit to take care of when you are responsible for kids. decisions have been made.
didn't eat today. just was too busy. and now i don't feel like making anything. i'll eat tomorrow.
diet soda sucks. i don't like any of it.
shopping for a new phone. holy crap there are a lot of choices. just give me a fucking phone that rings, that i can make a call on, that i can text with and call it good. no iPhone for me. way too complicated. they're nice to look at though. do a lot of shit. and while i think it's cool...i would only screw it up. if james were here i would be all over it. he would have hooked me up. i secretly dig that techy/geek shit. did i just admit that out loud?!
hulu rocks when netflix sucks and my movies aren't here yet. and i want to watch something while i am taking a hot bath.
i have definitely been going through stages since james died. the music's holding out.
cranberry martinis or cosmos...they are basically the same thing...are yummy.
getting off the computer. going to paint. need to quiet the noise in my head. painting does that.


Douglas said...

cranberries are good for the body, right?
gotta get over to your etsy.
powerful journaling here.
I've always been reluctant to write down my thoughts.
you've helped me see that it's okay to do so.
i've found it helpful as of late.

Patrice~ said...

oh crap, Kimberly!
dh neglected to log off!!!!!!
I left that post, not doug!
we are such dorks . . .

welcome to midlife.

Misty said...

I found mixing 1/2 diet with 1/2 regular helped me make the transition. Now I am 100% diet and I can't tell. (Completely and totally addicted to fake sugar and caffiene now rather than real sugar and caffiene)
I love the pics of your feet. Keep painting, keep rocking out.