Wednesday, April 02, 2008

my fave shoes.

this is me, standing in my kitchen, photographing my shoes. yes, i photographed my shoes! these are my favorite pair. black, sleek, with some stitching...pointy....does it get any better? now, on to something else and perhaps more interesting.

i don't submit regularly or often but sometimes i do. so it was a fun mail day today when i received my copies of scrapbook trends embellish idea book and goodie box. if you received the book (or bought it), check it. alexander is on page 133.


Patrice~ said...

but of course I love the shoes.

Scrapbook Trends.
how cool for you!
and exciting!!

page 133, huh?
I'm so on this . . .

ps: can I have your autograph?

Lisa said...

Yippy skippy for the shoes and the goodie box!

I wish I had the book so I could check the little dude out!

Leslie Ashe said...

your showes are super sassy and cute!

HEY I see you on page 133!! We're in there together! Dude...that rocks.

Anonymous said...


Lea L. said...

Hi Kimberly! Thanks for thinking of me, and leaving me a little note on my blog. I really appreciate it!

The reason Casey was in a cast was because he had surgery on his elbow to repair two torn ligaments from when he dislocated it during football season. He refused to get it checked out until after basketball, or it would have been done sooner. He is healing beautifully, and will be 100% for all the upcoming football camps and summer practices.

I saw your page in the Embellish It book when I got my copy...I was so excited to see it! I am in the book the bling section!

Have a great Sunday,